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Einstein Elevator

The Einstein Elevator is a 34 million euro large-scale research facility of the Hannover Institute of Technology (HITec) of the Leibnitz University with the aim of interdisciplinary new insights into the behavior of different substances under weightlessness or adjustable gravity to allow.

Due to the extreme acceleration of a ton-heavy experimental capsule in a 40 m high tower, it enters a parabolic flight and is then in a state of almost complete weightlessness for about 4 seconds.

Unlike similar experiments - such as the drop tower in Bremen, where weightlessness can be simulated three times a day - the innovative, linear drive technology (see magnetic levitation trains), a vacuumed experimental capsule and the fast rechargeable high-performance accumulator allow up to 100 times a day a new experiment possible. The necessary enormous drive power would overwhelm the normal network.

Therefore, an electrical high-performance storage unit by Stercom Power Solutions GmbH is used as a "buffer" or "booster".

OBC for Blue City E-Bus of EBE Europa GmbH

Ultra compact OCB_22kW chargers, scalable up to 6x22 = 132kW per vehicle for any type of battery with automatic port detection for Type2 and CSSR charging plugs, Power Line communication to detect DC charge.

Regardless, however, the recharging of electrical energy into the batteries is required for driving. Only when the charger is light and compact does it make sense to transport this OnBoard Charger on the bus from an energetic point of view. The aim is to deliver a high charging energy in the short term in order to sufficiently charge the batteries / accumulators on the vehicle during standstill periods.

Successful Partnership

Wittenberg / Berlin, September 12, 2018 - Tesvolt, manufacturer of electricity storage systems for trade and industry, has won the prestigious German Entrepreneur Award. The award was presented to the Wittenberg company yesterday evening as part of a festive award ceremony in the ZDF Capital Studio. The jury rated Tesvolt as one of Germany's most successful start-up companies in recent years. The German Founder Award is awarded every year by ZDF, stern, Sparkasse and Porsche. read more ...