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Intersolar / EES 2019

Stercom will be there again this year at the Intersolar in Munich!

We look forward to exciting discussions on Battery Management, Power Charging and Inductive Charging at our booth A3.360!

Cooperation with Analog Devices

  • Stercom introduces new bidirectional DC/DC Booster SPB 30kW
  • Booster is the result of the cooperation with Analog Devices in the ADI ecosystem
  • Presentation at the booth of Analog Devices (ADI) (Booth 442, Hall 6)

Weyarn, 7 May 2019

Stercom Power Solutions presented its new bidirectional DC/DC Booster SPB 30kW at the PCIM in Nuremberg. The booster allows an active connection of a memory system to an intermediate circuit and can be used in all applications with lithium batteries and supercap stacks. The new product is the result of close cooperation in battery and cell management between Stercom Power Solutions and chip manufacturer Analog Devices (ADI).

The cooperation between the two companies takes place within the context of the ADI ecosystem created by Analog Devices. Stercom Power Solutions as a partner provides its extensive knowledge in the field of advanced battery management systems for energy storage applications. By cooperating with various partner companies, ADI offers its customers better support in the development of innovative power management solutions.

Analog Devices was exhibiting at booth 442, hall 6, both the booster developed jointly with Stercom Power Solutions and its trendsetting active cell and battery management based on ADI chip technology.

PCIM in Nuremberg is the leading trade fair for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management. It took place from 7 to 9 May 2019 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

About Stercom Power Solutions GmbH

Stercom Power Solutions GmbH is an expert for advanced energy storage systems and optimized power electronics. Founded in 2014, the company already uses advanced and environmentally friendly technologies for electromobility according to its slogan Feel thE-Power, drawing on its engineering expertise, a modular system of memory components and efficient software tools.

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Pit stop at the bus stop

  • Stercom offers an environmentally friendly charging system due to the reduction of battery weight and increased range thanks to intelligent reloading at stops
  • ICI (Inductive Charge Inverter) allows inductive charging up to 20cm air gap
  • Fast charging with up to 22 kW possible

Weyarn, 15.04.2019.

E-mobility faces two major challenges that are directly linked: the lack of infrastructure and the range of electric-powered vehicles. The ICC (Inductive Charge Inverter) charging system developed by Stercom offers a solution for both aspects through inductive fast charging. "ICI shows its potential especially in public transport. Buses usually travel the same routes in cities, passing central hubs. These locations are ideal for a kind of inductive pit stop, "explains Robert Sterff, Managing Director of Stercom Power Solutions. As soon as a bus has approached one of the stops with an integrated ICI system, the battery is partially charged with up to 22 kW in a fast process.

Fast charging through interaction of ICI and supercaps
The installation of several of these charging stations along the bus line creates the necessary infrastructure, which in turn solves the problem of reach. The possibility of continuous partial charge at the stops, the size and range of the battery is no longer crucial, but the ability to fast charge. "The fast partial charge at the stops is only possible through the use of high-performance batteries. Frequently, supercaps are used for this, which load themselves up again in 15 minutes, say at the last stop, "says Sterff. The reduction in battery size also ensures less loss due to the lower heat generation, more space for the payload and so finally for a better cost / benefit ratio. The size of the battery also acts through the smaller mass to be accelerated energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Larger air gap between coils possible
The system developed by Stercom Power Solutions enables very efficient energy transfer even over large air gaps of up to 20 cm thanks to state-of-the-art silicon carbide circuit breakers and optimized coil control. So, in addition to buses, for example, high-legged SUVs can be loaded without lowering the secondary coil in the vehicle extra. The new, more powerful ICI system features automatic coverage detection, enabling easier and faster positioning of the vehicle above the charging station as a prerequisite for optimal fast charging.

About Stercom Power Solutions GmbH
Stercom Power Solutions GmbH is an expert in sophisticated energy storage systems and optimized power electronics. The company, founded in 2014, already uses advanced and environmentally friendly technologies for electromobility in accordance with its slogan Feel thE-Power, drawing on its engineering expertise and a modular system of memory components and efficient software tools.

Einstein Elevator

The Einstein Elevator is a 34 million euro large-scale research facility of the Hannover Institute of Technology (HITec) of the Leibnitz University with the aim of interdisciplinary new insights into the behavior of different substances under weightlessness or adjustable gravity to allow.

Due to the extreme acceleration of a ton-heavy experimental capsule in a 40 m high tower, it enters a parabolic flight and is then in a state of almost complete weightlessness for about 4 seconds.

Unlike similar experiments - such as the drop tower in Bremen, where weightlessness can be simulated three times a day - the innovative, linear drive technology (see magnetic levitation trains), a vacuumed experimental capsule and the fast rechargeable high-performance accumulator allow up to 100 times a day a new experiment possible. The necessary enormous drive power would overwhelm the normal network.

Therefore, an electrical high-performance storage unit by Stercom Power Solutions GmbH is used as a "buffer" or "booster".

OBC for Blue City E-Bus of EBE Europa GmbH

Ultra compact OCB_22kW chargers, scalable up to 6x22 = 132kW per vehicle for any type of battery with automatic port detection for Type2 and CSSR charging plugs, Power Line communication to detect DC charge.

Regardless, however, the recharging of electrical energy into the batteries is required for driving. Only when the charger is light and compact does it make sense to transport this OnBoard Charger on the bus from an energetic point of view. The aim is to deliver a high charging energy in the short term in order to sufficiently charge the batteries / accumulators on the vehicle during standstill periods.

Successful Partnership

Wittenberg / Berlin, September 12, 2018 - Tesvolt, manufacturer of electricity storage systems for trade and industry, has won the prestigious German Entrepreneur Award. The award was presented to the Wittenberg company yesterday evening as part of a festive award ceremony in the ZDF Capital Studio. The jury rated Tesvolt as one of Germany's most successful start-up companies in recent years. The German Founder Award is awarded every year by ZDF, stern, Sparkasse and Porsche. read more ...