UltraCap Power Storage

PowerSlide, hybrid storage systems and special modules

UltraCap Power Storage

PowerSlide UltraCap-Rack-System

PowerSlide are UltraCap ™ power storage modules in modular 19 "technology, with a built-in rack of modules for memory modules, string management or active DC Boosters in identical design, making it easy to realize even demanding (high) power applications.

Active Hybrid Storage Systems

Each storage technology has its own application area (sweetspot). However, the active combination of fast UltraCaps for high power peaks with more durable memories such as batteries or fuel cells for high energy peaks can now be used to handle load cases that were hitherto technically and commercially meaningless. We deliver the "sprinting marathon runner", optimized for your application!

UltraCap Customised Modules

High shocks and vibrations in mobile applications, high stack voltages, peak loads or unusual environmental conditions require customized system solutions. With the variable "CapHolder" concept Stercom tailors the solution that suits you best when it comes to the high standards of eg. roller coasters, high performance systems or extreme cycle requirements.

UltraCaps are always used when very high performance, many cycles and special environmental conditions are required.

We analyze your needs and develop with our extensive modular system of UltraCap modules, cell management and charging technologyn the right storage system for you! In addition, the seemingly unsolvable requirements can be implemented through the active combination of different storage technologies (hybrid storage).