Battery- and UltraCap-Management

Active Charge Transfer (ACT)

  • Active charge transfer moves surplus charge from one cell to the others
  • High balancing currents up to 5 A, very good efficiency, hardly balancing losses
  • Extension of useable battery capacity (DoD) by supporting the weakest cell
  • Isolated CellCom for a safe disconnected communication with the CMC at stack voltage up to 1.500 VDC
  • Configurable for all cell technologies till 5 V

Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB)

  • Reduction of excess charge by active Bypass Resistor
  • Balancing even at any cell SoC
  • Balancing currents up to ~0,5 A (depending on cell voltage)
  • All cell technologies up to 5 V cell voltage
  • Cell monitoring from 2,7 V module voltage suitable for UltraCaps

String Management Controller (SMC)

  • Isolated CellCom bus for up to 32 Cell Balancing Units (ACT/DCB) per string
  • Isolated power supply with 24 V/48 V
  • Optional current measurement for precise detection of state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH)
  • Grouping of several strings for big battery clusters via CAN Bus
  • Integrated contactor or static switch control
  • Communication link to the charger or energy management via external interfaces
    • ModBus TCP/IP
    • Ethernet, MQTT
    • CAN
  • Auto Setting of Cell Types and Battery Configuration
  • Address selection switch for cluster applications with several strings