Active Charge Transfer (ACT)

The "Active Charger Transfer" technology actively "shovels" excess charge from one cell to another with virtually no loss. This weaker cells in the stack are actively supported and the entire battery can be optimally utilized. High balancing currents up to 5 A. Isolated communication to the String Management Controller (SMC) by CellCom at stack voltages up to 1,400 VDC. For all cell technologies up to 5 V / cell configurable.

• Exact voltage measurement per cell (+/- 1 mV)
• Measuring voltage range: 1 V – 5 V per cell for UC and battery
• High balancing currents max. 3 Aeff
• Isolated CellCom communication with the SMC
• Suitable for high stack voltage to 1,500 V; to 3000 test voltages VAC
• Up to 16 ACT16 per string
• Power Daisy Chain for inter module charge balancing

Technical Data

ACT16 Comment
Cells per board/module Up to 16
Max. board voltage 80 V
Min. board voltage 10 V Minimum Board supply voltage
Balancing current < 5 Apeak, 3 Arms Unidirectional
Charge Transfer
Up to 92%
Isolation test voltage 3.000 VAC for 1 minute According to VDE AR-E 2510,
DIN EN 62477-1, 61800-5-1
Standby consumption <1 mW
Resolution of the cell voltage measurement 1 mV 1.2 mV total measurement accuracy
Board dimensions 264 x 125 mm
Digital Interfaces CellCom Isolated bus for up to 16 hosts
Temperature sensors

2 external NCT +

1 onboard NTC

Power Daisy Chain Charge Transfer into the next module in a serial arrangement