On-Board Charger

PowerLine Communication (PLC)

⦁ Extension module for control of direct DC charging via CCS2 charging connector by the OBC ⦁ Communication with external DC charging station according to DIN SPEC 70121

Our ultra-compact 22 kW OnBoard Charger (OBC) is compatible with all standard charging stations on the AC grid.

The optimized and adaptable charging method is suitable for all battery technologies. By using the latest SiC semiconductors, we set standards in terms of efficiency > 94%, volume and weight in many areas. Because the volume and weight is drastically reduced compared to low-frequency transmission systems, this loader can be taken on board without significantly increasing transport costs.

  • Very efficient switching technology using Silicon Carbide technology
  • Input power factor > 99 %, very low THD
  • Integrated ComModule for automatic inlet detection and charging mode selection (CP, PP)
  • Water Cooling

Optional: Integrated Power Line Communication Module for DC Charging mode

OnBoard Charger Variants


Voltage range 200 - 450 VDC /70 A


Voltage range 420 - 800 V