Converter and Charger

Auxiliary Power Converter, Onb-Board Charger, Rack Power Booster

Converter and Charger

On-Board Charger 22 kW (OBC)

Our ultra-compact 22 kW / 32 A OnBoard Charger (OBC) is compatible with all standard AC charging stations. The optimized charging process is suitable for all battery technologies and guarantees a very high efficiency of more than 98% with modern SiC semiconductors! Optionally, our battery management and DC-PowerLine communication can also be integrated.

String Power Booster (SPB)

Our bidirectional DC/DC converter SPB (String Power Booster) actively connects storage systems, regenerative energy sources or loads via a DC link. It can peakshaving, connect different storage systems, or compensate voltage differences in systems with DC bus coupling.

Auxiliary Power Converter (APC)

Auxiliaries in trains are for example: lighting, battery charging, compressed air compressors for brakes, doors, air conditioning systems, radio and telemetry systems. These systems expect a constant input voltage regardless of the fluctuating catenary or locomotive voltage. For this purpose, inverters are used that compensate for all fluctuations and are often isolated and short-circuit protected to supply the consumers / auxiliaries with 3-phase AC voltage and / or DC voltage, where required.

Auxiliary Power Converter (APC)

24 V Auxiliary Supply from OffGrid batteries, DC link systems or PV strings with an DC in of 100 - 1.000 V.

Battery or UltraCap storage requires adaptive chargers that, in close communication with the battery management, guarantee a very fast and reliable charge in a wide voltage and power range.

Stercom's range includes AC / DC chargers and the 22 kW OnBoard Charger, bidirectional DC / DC converters for active connection of memories to a DC link (Peak Shaving and Energy Recovery) or Stack Optimizer for the construction of hybrid memories from UltraCaps with lithium ion batteries or fuel cells.

By using the latest SiC semiconductors, we set standards in terms of efficiency, volume and weight in many areas.