Inductive Charging with ICI [ˈiːzi]

Inductive Charge Inverter [ˈiːzi]

In wireless power transfer (WPT), electrical energy is transmitted inductively, means without contact, from a stationary magnet coil to a receiver coil for example in a vehicle. Depending on the transmission power energy storage can be charged quickly in electrically powered vehicles during a parking process. Such charging systems are used where environmental conditions do not allow contacting or classic plug-in system are too cumbersome.

Thanks to the latest SiC switching technology and special coil design, Stercom's 22kW Inductive Charge Inverter (ICI) achieves a transmission efficiency of up to 94% even with large air gaps up to 20cm. Stercom WPT complies with the standard DIN / IEC / TS 61980-3

Input voltage min 0 V
max 1.000 V
Input current max 50 A
Output Frequency min 60 kHz
max 100 kHz
Duty Cycle min 0 %
max@60kHz 94 %
max@100kHz 90 %
Frequency step range @60kHz 58,7 Hz
@100kHz 117,3 Hz
Output Current max 100 Ap
max 70 Arms
Ambient temperature min -20 °C
max 45 °C
Warnings and Sut downs
Input Current Stop > 50 A
Input Voltage Stop > 1.000 V
Output Current Stop > 100 Ap
Stop > 70 Arms
Differential fault current Stop > 300 mA
SiC Temperature Warning 85 °C
Stop 95 °C
Heatsink Temperature Warning 60 °C
Stop 70 °C
Driver Temperature Warning 75 °C
Stop 85 °C
Filter Temperature Warning 80 °C